Bedroom Furniture

Affordable Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles

Melrose Discount Furniture offers our customers the best selection of high-quality bedroom furniture. Each piece is selected with various styles in mind, and our options are unparalleled in other discount bedroom furniture stores.

Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles

Finding the right bedroom furniture for a space can make an enormous difference in whether a bedrooms feel like a sanctuary. We pride ourselves on having popular and classic styles available so our customers can find what they’re looking for. As a premier bedroom furniture store, Melrose Discount Furniture helps our customers find the right furniture for their space. Our reasonable prices and commitment to quality make it no wonder our customers keep coming back.

Mattresses from the Best Bedroom Furniture Stores

Melrose Discount Furniture also offers a premium selection of mattresses to promote a restful night’s sleep for our customers. Every mattress comes from a reputable supplier whose name is well-known in the industry. Whether our customers prefer a firm or soft mattress, Melrose Discount Furniture in Los Angeles has the perfect mattress. Our selection comes in all sizes and shapes to help our customers get the most out of their bedroom furniture.


Nightstands enhance the usability of any bedroom, and the right nightstand fits in with the other bedroom furniture. Choosing nightstands from Melrose Discount Furniture to match bedroom furniture set, whether from our store or another, is a fantastic option.

Whether modern or traditional, nightstands provide valuable storage beside the bed. With cell phones, alarm clocks, and more needing a place, a well-chosen nightstand is invaluable. In fact, the functionality can’t be beaten.


Dressers provide valuable storage space within a bedroom furniture setup. Bedroom furniture stores often bundle dressers in with the bed for this reason. Melrose Discount Furniture in Los Angeles stocks high-quality dressers perfect to fit into an existing set.

Dressers from Melrose Discount Furniture can complete any bedroom furniture set. With versatile shapes, sizes, and drawer counts, these dressers can fit in any space and provide the necessary storage to make a bedroom beautiful.

Chests of Drawers

Chests are practical pieces of bedroom furniture for small spaces. The right chest can fit behind a door or against the short wall of a room to provide the necessary storage without a big footprint. In Los Angeles, that can make a huge difference. Chests from Melrose Discount Furniture come from reputable brands that other discount bedroom furniture stores can’t always secure. Our customers know they can always find what they need when they’re ready to change or update their bedrooms.

Quality Service from the Best Bedroom Furniture Store in LA

Melrose Discount Furniture follows four core tenants: quality, style, selection, and service. Our dedication to these tenants has made us one of the most popular bedroom furniture stores in Los Angeles. Every Melrose Discount Furniture customer knows that their new bedroom furniture will be top-of-the-line and ready to perform for years to come. Our commitment to our customers would not allow anything less.

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