Return Policy

Our return policy is simple and clear:

  • 1. You can cancel your order for a full refund anytime until the delivery day:
  • 2. You can only return the item at the time of delivery when all packages are available, at this point the 25% restocking fee will apply. Please make your decision at the time of delivery, ones drivers left we don’t except any returns:
  • 3. Installed and accepted Items can not be returned anymore:
  • 4. Orders canceled at the delivery day, before arrival will be subject to 25% restocking fee:

If the merchandise delivered and accepted, customer will not be able to return the merchandise, as the delivery team will dispose of all the original packaging material as soon as the setup is complete. All clearance sale items are non-refundable. All mattress sales are final. No cancellations on mix and match items.

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