Return Policy

Our return policy is simple and clear:

At Melrose Discount Furniture , we want our customers always to have a good experience shopping with us. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return with in 3 days after delivery. Please contact our Customer Service to get a return authorization at (323) 466-3881 Please make sure all packaging materials saved for return. Here are steps we require for returns and cancelation.

  • 1. You can cancel your order for a full refund anytime until the delivery day:
  • 2. Our delivery services includes assembling therefore you can return the item at the time of delivery when all packages are available, at this point return delivery charge will not apply. Only 25% restocking fee will apply.
  • 3. After order delivered, accepted and delivery team left the address, customer is responsible for return delivery charge plus 25% restocking fee.
  • 4. Orders delivered, assembled and accepted must be returned with original packaging material, please save the packaging for few days if needed. Customer responsible for obtaining original packaging.
  • 5. Missing package returns are subject to 35% restocking fee.
  • 6. All returns are subject to an inspection upon return.
  • 7. All clearance sale items are non-refundable. All mattress sales are final.

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