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Home office furniture delivered and assembled to your house in Los Angeles

Whether you are at your office or at home, you deserve a space to focus and be productive. At Melrose Discount Furniture, we offer various types of home and office furniture that will fit your needs and can be flexible with your growing office space. We offer a great selection of furniture Office Chairs, Home Office Furniture, Computer Desks, Conference Tables, File Cabinets. We offer various style of home office furniture in Los Angeles that are designed to fit any style of furniture and interior decor that you are aiming to create in your house.


How to find the perfect type of furniture

1. Recognize your space and what it needs

Every space requires different type of furniture, depending on available space and the style of interior decor you are trying to create in your house.

2. Pick a furniture style

The style of furniture you pick for your home office dictates how the space feels and and if it works with the rest of your interior decor. We offer various styles such as modern office furniture and other styles

Types of home office furniture we offer

Office Desks

Desks are a central part of your working space. It forms the center point of your work environment and gives you a place to focus, that is why we offer a huge selection of desks to perfectly fit your space and requirements. We offer styles such as modern desks, mid-century modern and rustic office desks.

Office Chairs

An office chair plays a crucial part in making your space comfortable that is why picking one out that will be able to support your back and neck will make a huge difference in the comfort factor of your home office. At Melrose Discount Furniture, we offer various style of office chairs so that you can pick one that fits your style, requirements and comfort.


Storage is an essential part of your home office space and bookcases provide an excellent addition to your workspace. We offer various style of bookcases so that you can match the style with all the other furniture in your workspace.

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